“Six Cities” teaser piece

Well, it’s finished. Not anything major, mind, just the first draft of the teaser piece I mentioned, oh… two months ago now.

I’ll be honest, this piece became a bit of a nightmare to finish as, whilst I was writing it, I fell out of love with the project and lost steam with my writing, not helped by a number of other distractions coming up that gave me a convenient excuse to stay away. I remembered three days ago that I was writing this piece (and that I had a blog) so set myself the task of finishing it in some form, even if it wasn’t quite what I originally had in mind.

I am not overly happy with the finished product but I have learned a number of lessons whilst working on it that are going to both make things easier for me in future and help me produce more interesting reads. I will talk about a few specifics at the end of the piece but, for those of you who do read┬áit, I’d like to give you the opportunity to form your own opinion first.

I haven’t yet had feedback from my regular goof-checker so expect an edit shortly to fix any big bloopers I have somehow missed. EDIT: Goof-checking feedback┬ánow rolled into the text below. Apologies all who read the previous typo-filled version!

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