Some of my favorite inspiration. If you see your work here, thanks.


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Fey Winds – Nicole Chartrand

Gunnerkrigg Court – Tom Siddell

Keychain of Creation (ended) – Padraig O Ruanai

Nimona (ended) – Noelle Stevenson

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja – Christopher Hastings / Anthony Clark

The Bouletcorp – Boulet


Alexlinde on DeviantArt

AndreeWallin on DeviantArt

ChristianGerth on DeviantArt

dawnpu on DeviantArt

JJcanvas on DeviantArt

JonasDeRo on DeviantArt

Kibbitzer on DeviantArt

kiyo on DeviantArt

Lelenia on DeviantArt

molybdenumgp03 on DeviantArt

natjkriss on DeviantArt

Raphael-Lacoste on DeviantArt

shoomlah on DeviantArt

tahra on DeviantArt

viria13 on DeviantArt

zazB on DeviantArt

Writing Help

25 Things A Great Character Needs – Chuck Wendig

The Zero Fuckery Quick-Create Guide To Kick Ass Characters – Chuck Wendig


Skimble’s Blog – the blog of a good friend of mine who encourages me to write more

My Home In Portugal – my partner’s blog, she’s my number one fan (apparently)


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