I’m Jon. I write.

At least, that’s the plan. I have often thought about trying to be an author, or at least about trying to get some of the ideas in my head down in text for others to enjoy (I cannot draw for toffee so words it is), but I’ve never really had the drive to actually sit down with pen to paper and make it happen outside of a few sporadic bursts every year or so. I’ve started this blog to try to change that by airing some of my old short pieces and using it as a public forum to show new material with the hope that this will spur me on to produce more words, more frequently. I normally write fantasy or science fiction so if you’re not a fan of those genres this may not be the ideal place, but I will also be undertaking a few writing challenges at various points that will draw me outside of this little bubble.

In addition to this I’ll be using this as a personal blog if I find something interesting enough I want to write about; any words on paper are good at this stage. If you’re not interested in the prattle I will be tagging posts appropriately so you only need see the content you want.

Finally, you may soon note that I have no idea how to use WordPress so apologies in advance if the site does some funny things when I’m not expecting it.

I appreciate any time you take to read what I post and appreciate more any comments you leave me, either here or elsewhere, about what you’ve read.


Jon. Writer. Maybe.