Facebook Prompt #12

A while ago a friend pointed me towards the Hemingway Editor, an online tool designed to help you produce more readable text. I ended up putting some of my older posts into it to see what it thought of them, and the result was a solid “You write difficult to read <i.e. long> sentences”. Whilst the actual merit of the tool is debatable (and we did┬ádebate them at great length) it did make me consider the length of sentences and how varying them can affect the flow of a piece.

This prompt was suggested by my friend Rob. I used it to play with shorter sentences (scoring a 3 on Hemingway, as opposed to my normal 8-12 range), finding that what felt to me like I was being too concise whilst writing actually seems to read ok. Let me know what you think, dear readers, I’m genuinely interested.

“The last thing I remember was the look in her eyes as she hurled the cast iron pan against me.”

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