Facebook Prompt #10

Prompt 10 comes from my friend Chris, thanks to both him and my partner Laura who took my original concept and helped me make it a lot more interesting.

“No matter the establishment, no matter the outfit, wherever he/she went everyone around would mistake him/her for an employee.”

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A bit of sci-fi

The following is a piece I started writing to get inside the head of a character I’d made for a friend’s Mindjammer role-playing game. Sadly the game struggled to take off and ended before I’d gotten round to finishing this piece, but I’m uploading what exists here for posterity.

One of the reasons I never finished this is that I do not like writing sci-fi. I love both science fiction and fantasy stories but in general find it significantly harder to write sci-fi that I’m happy with. I tend to get caught up in thinking too much about how the science and technology would work and whether what I’m describing is actually possible to enjoy the process. With fantasy I’m generally happy (well, happier) using a hand-wavey “well it’s magic, innit” rationalisation which allows me to concentrate more on the plot than the plausibility, making the task both easier and more enjoyable.

This was originally written in October 2014.

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From The Vault #4

The following piece is set in the Eclipse Phase universe, a far-future science fiction setting in which mind cloning and body swapping have become commonplace and mankind has begun it’s colonisation of the stars (more information on Wikipedia). This was also written in 2010 and is another character piece I wrote for a character I’d designed called Cognite AGI-RP7(M) DR21 (or Dr. 21 for short), a robotic psychologist. It’s good fun being a little mad.

Consider it 12A for language.

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