Facebook Prompt #6

I enjoyed this prompt as it was obvious fodder for a fantasy piece, my preferred genre. The biggest issue I had with this is wondering which of the concepts that it brought to mind I should run with, and I’m currently tempted to go back and knock at least one more piece out based on it.

I eventually went with a concept inspired by Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher series of books. I’ve not read the books yet (sorry Andrzej, they’re on my list) but have played the two videogames based on them and tried to evoke the same feel in this piece. I also tried not to add any humour, something I did in a few of the other stories that weren’t necessarily supposed to be funny; strangely I found writing straight harder than allowing myself the freedom to slip in gags.

This was suggested by my friend and old housemate Adam. Thanks for the enjoyable prompt!

EDIT: I have been trying not to go back and tinker with these but someone pointed out a pretty annoying flaw in the original so a small amount of patch-work has been done to the piece below.

“A swirl of dark essence rippled around her arm as she completed the incantation sending a blast of power across the void between them as the final word of the spell left her blue lips.”

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Character Writeup: Sasuvara Reika

Well, it’s been a while.

I had been putting off updating this blog in the hopes the next thing I would post would be a completed first draft of a slightly longer teaser piece I’ve been working on but, due to some distractions (Geralt and Eli, I’m looking at you) I still haven’t finished it. Instead, here’s another character writeup from the same world to keep things ticking over.

This exercise was harder with Reika than it was for Tamina as her role in the overall plot was less well defined when I started. She eventually became a meld of her original character and another who didn’t really have enough to do to justify their existence but I’m now concerned she’s become too useful; I’ll just have to think up some interesting and crippling problems in addition to those below to stop her running the show.

In reading over the text below before posting it I’m not really happy with it, so as usual everything remains subject to change!

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